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Exemption is a three-piece aggressive progressive rock outfit that started on Long Island in 2004 when the members were only 13 and 14. In 2007 they put out their first full-length, "The Rabbit Hole." In 2009 they released the "Harmony of the Spheres EP," and in October 2010 they put out their second full-length "Public Cemetery Party." Their sound has evolved into something truly their own, combining progressive metal, stoner rock, pop, blues, and alternative ambiance once earning them the title of the "bastard children of the Beatles (The Metal Den)." Check out http://exemption.bandcamp.com to hear some music, all the releases are available on iTunes and Cdbaby.com. This blog is for the members to share stories and news with their friends and fans.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 2011 Update - Whashappenin'...

Blogs be with you.

We're beyond psyched to announce that we are nominated (and currently winning!) The Deli Magazine NYC's Artist of the Month Poll!!  It's right on the top right of the main Deli NYC Blog or you can go right to the poll itself by clicking here.  As of early afternoon on June 26th, the results:

Thank you guys so much!!  Please vote and share the contest on facebook/twitter/etc... There's an event page for it if you wanna invite people to that. I think I can speak for the three of us when I say that we've been overwhelmed by the amount of support we've been getting on this so far.  We have some good friends, man.

The Deli Magazine NYC also gave us spot on their main blog: NYC artists on the rise: Exemption w/ a picture of us at Hank's Saloon taken by James Damion (Unite Webzine) and an awesome review of "Public Cemetery Party" written by Mike SOS (316 Productions).

Also as of today, June 26th, we're actually #14 in The Deli Magazine Metal Web Buzz charts!  We're right ahead of Acrassicauda and right behind Hull & Early Man. Crazy!! Check it out:

Since the last time I've updated this we've just been out playing our asses off any chance we got.  We just did a really fun show under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on June 21st thanks to Make Music New York & 316 Productions. Here's a pretty hilarious short clip of what that looked like (taken accidentally by TTH's Gavin Spielman):

and a badass picture taken by our friend John Carbone (check out his tunes - Son Abrenoc & Rice Cultivation Society):

Mike SOS worked his ass off to put on a great show and make sure all the bands (on two stages) had everything they needed.  Thinning the Herd, La Otracina, Wizardry, Gods Green Earth, SOS, Prostitution, Men Like Gods, Krystaleen, & Cue the Sun were all awesome!  It was a fitting start to the Summer.  Last year on summer solstice we played acoustic in Central Park.  This was louder and sweatier.

Right now we have no local shows booked (which will soon be remedied) but we do have what's shaping up to be a pretty nice tour in July!:

Only unfortunate circumstance that happened with this, thus far, is we had a show BOOKED at The Great Scott (awesome venue in Allston, MA) with TRUCKFIGHTERS! (seminal stoner rock band from Sweden w. new documentary coming out) for July 14th thanks to awesome hard rocking Black Thai from Boston.  First another venue in Worcester, MA some how got Truckfighters for that date instead of Great Scott and we were planning just doing the show with Black Thai for the last few weeks but I just found out that they dropped and the venue is giving the night to someone else.  Oy vey.  We were really excited for that show for obvious reasons, but I'm sure we'll get a chance to rock the Great Scott eventually *single tear*.  Anyone reading who can help with that please get in touch!  music.exemption@gmail.com

Gonna get a mailing list together for this tour.  Anyone interested please send us an e-mail with "Mailing List" in the subject or something along those lines: MUSIC.EXEMPTION@GMAIL.COM

Our good friend Kristin Kraemer took some cool pictures of us the other day. The rest are all on our facebook, but here's a few:

Okay so that's probably more than enough stuff.  When we go out on tour I'll try to update this once for each show, instead of just an entirely too long entry at the end...if I remember.  Lastly, here's a pretty decent video of us playing "Birds" at Party Expo (Brooklyn, NY) back in April shot by Gavin Spielman:

Enjoy your Summer guys!  Cheers!
Nick Lee & Co.